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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Borehole Survey Tools: Important Tools For Conducting Surveys

 Gyrotracer Directional wireline gyro survey tool
For collecting survey data, borehole survey tools are used in mining, oil and gas industries. Borehole tools are cost effective, reliable, durable as well as capable of working in tough environments. SPT’s continuous north seeking gyro can survey at speeds of up to 150 m/min while sending real time data to the surface interface. At any inclination (horizontal incline or vertical) and at any direction, this survey tool can measure with high accuracy and precision. It is unaffected by magnetic interference and is enriched with rechargeable batteries. No surface alignment or calibration is needed prior to conducting surveys while using SPT’s instruments. 

 Gyro borehole survey tools have single or multi shot survey capability. With both survey modes, azimuth as well as dip can be measured and at any depth, in any direction during run in/out or both.  Measurement can be made in any environment. 

 For the testing, calibrating and QC of SPT’s borehole survey tools for inclination, azimuth angle and toolface, SPT offers its own calibration stand. It helps in saving downtime and expensive freight costs. The stand is light weight, small and easily transportable. The procedures for calibration developed by SPT are easy and very simple.

Borehole Survey tools are a must for drillers, geologist, engineers etc for conducting geophysical surveys and for extracting reliable information from borehole and reducing costs incurred in investigation or exploration.
Calibrate and test downhole tools with this highly accurate calibration stand

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Survey tool purchasers, which is the best Gyro survey tool?

 Gyrotracer Directional wireline gyro survey tool
A Geological survey is the systematic investigation of the geology beneath a given piece of ground for the purpose of creating a geological map. Geological surveys are the backbone of the mining and gas and oil industry..The current market place is awash with tools but for an accurate and reliable system GyroTracer Directional is difficult to beat. If you are surveying in highly magnetic areas or at a variety of well profiles the choice is easy, SPT’s GyroTracer Directional. 

SPT offers one of the most versatile and complete range of solutions for downhole surveying.. highly accurate, extremely reliable downhole directional survey tools equipped with the latest technology that uses Fiber-Optic and North seeking based Gyros to find direction. These tools have compact overall dimension and are packed with powerful features. Gyro survey tool is unaffected by magnetic field interference, it provide high-speed continuous survey, drop capability & many other capabilities. SPT’s software, provided with the instrument is very easy to use, stable and reliable. GyroTracer Directional can be set up in 2 minutes and has a digital interface with high-speed USB connectivity. 

In the present climate of maximizing investment and achieving a quick ROI the option to have one tool that can survey in a variety of profiles without the need for additional and expensive “add- ons” should be at the top of your priorities. 
Universal Calibration Stand

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Get Accurate And Valuable Information Regarding Borehole Survey By Using SPT’s Borehole Survey Instrument.

 Calibrate and test downhole tools with this highly accurate calibration stand
Stockholm Precision Tool is a well-known, leading manufacturer of Borehole Survey Instrument ideal for tough conditions as well as demanding requirements of onshore/offshore gas and oil industry. Miners, tunnellers, geologists, drilling engineers, and geophysists around the world always rely on SPT’s accurate and reliable borehole navigation and measurement tools to get valuable information about each borehole and thereby cutting the cost of investigation and exploration.  

GyroLogic is a great Borehole Survey Instrument with drop capability which supplies Azimuth , toolface and inclination readings. It is a high performance fiber optic gyro inclinometer which is specifically designed for boreholes in the mining industry. This tool has +850 C temperature rating and OD (1, 25”) 32 mm. 

GyroLogic is the best SPT Borehole Survey Instrument which is wrapped with lot of high-end features and benefits. Easy to operate, drop capability, high durability, capability of withstanding harsh environments, continuous surveying capabilities, measurement can be done in all directions and Bluetooth communication data system are some excellent features and benefits provided by this tool. Besides this, you can easily operate this tool in memory mode from its battery. Not only this, with the help of GyroLogic you can easily export all survey data to either excel or other formats.

Thus, it can be said that GyroLogic is one of the best Borehole Survey Instrument for boreholes of mining industries. 
Wireline and memory mode directional survey tool

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Advanced SPT Gyro Tracer Directional Survey Instrument for Greater Accuracy and Precision

SPT North Seeking Gyro survey tool has been gaining popularity due to its versatility and advanced features. As opposed to previous generation tools SPT Gyro Tracer Directional survey instrument uses North seeking and Fiber optic gyros to derive the azimuth and is unaffected by magnetic interferences. An accelerometer package takes care of inclination and gravitational tool face readings. Highly versatile, the SPT Gyro survey instrument can be used in continuous, single shot and multi-shot directional surveys during run-in, run-out or both. Data is transmitted directly to the surface in wireline or stored in internal memory and once the instrument is brought back to the surface, it can be or downloaded and analyzed.

Advanced research and technologies are at the heart of the SPT Gyro survey instrument making it easy for an operator to use. What sets the SPT Gyro survey instrument in an altogether different class is its extreme temperature rating of 150 deg. C, its drop capability, ease of operation, ability to measure in all directions and capability of working under the harshest environmental conditions. Sophistication of features allied to ease of use and high accuracy of 0.5 degrees while measuring azimuth, 0.1 degrees in measuring inclination, gravity tool face tolerance of 0.1 degrees and pressure rating of 15000 psi make it the instrument of choice for even the most demanding geological survey companies.
Universal Calibration Stand

Friday, 6 September 2013

SPT’s Advanced True North Seeking Gyros are Environmentally Safe Too

Collateral damage is a risk that may occur during drilling. Imprecise and inaccurate drilling straying from the intended path can puncture either nearby well casings or geological formations causing environmental damage. SPT’s latest north seeking gyro tool is the product of advanced innovation and research that overcome these risks.

The true North seeking Gyro Tracer Directional is designed to operate continuously using gyro compassing methods for precise and accurate downhole directional surveys. It is fast at 150 metres per minute, works in horizontal, vertical and mixed modes, does not need recalibration and is reliable, delivering repeatable results regardless of environmental factors and magnetic influences. The north seeking gyro saves time and labour required to achieve results in a targeted time besides proving a boon to the environment. This downhole instrument works in all well profiles in a variety of challenging conditions without causing any collateral damage. Incorporating telemetry and gyro modules in a single unit, it works off a battery and is easy to set up and operate, delivering precise data acquisition. SPT’s true north seeking gyros are durable, built to withstand extreme conditions in widely varying climatic and geologic conditions. SPT have distilled years of research and experience into this tool to make it the leading and preferred tool, while keeping prices extremely affordable.

SPT’s innovation and research drive borehole technologies, making traditional survey tool systems obsolete. If the company is the preferred choice of geologists, oil drilling companies and mining companies, it is simply because its technology is significantly ahead of the competition, assuring perfection in demanding situations with predictable results.
What geological survey companies need today and tomorrow is available in the form of sophisticated instruments from SPT, a company at the forefront of borehole drilling and survey instrument development.

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