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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Advanced SPT Gyro Tracer Directional Survey Instrument for Greater Accuracy and Precision

SPT North Seeking Gyro survey tool has been gaining popularity due to its versatility and advanced features. As opposed to previous generation tools SPT Gyro Tracer Directional survey instrument uses North seeking and Fiber optic gyros to derive the azimuth and is unaffected by magnetic interferences. An accelerometer package takes care of inclination and gravitational tool face readings. Highly versatile, the SPT Gyro survey instrument can be used in continuous, single shot and multi-shot directional surveys during run-in, run-out or both. Data is transmitted directly to the surface in wireline or stored in internal memory and once the instrument is brought back to the surface, it can be or downloaded and analyzed.

Advanced research and technologies are at the heart of the SPT Gyro survey instrument making it easy for an operator to use. What sets the SPT Gyro survey instrument in an altogether different class is its extreme temperature rating of 150 deg. C, its drop capability, ease of operation, ability to measure in all directions and capability of working under the harshest environmental conditions. Sophistication of features allied to ease of use and high accuracy of 0.5 degrees while measuring azimuth, 0.1 degrees in measuring inclination, gravity tool face tolerance of 0.1 degrees and pressure rating of 15000 psi make it the instrument of choice for even the most demanding geological survey companies.
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