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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Gyro based Instruments Save Lives Too

Gyroscopic survey tools such as those manufactured by SPT are viewed as productivity and profitability tools, helping borehole operators attain targets within time and cost constraints. It is no secret mining companies are now extensively exploiting every site in an effort to make every mine profitable. SPT surveying instruments have proved invaluable in such cases due to their well known reliability, repeatability of results, speed and consistency. Previous generation magnetic sensor based instruments simply cannot work in such conditions while the true north seeking gyroscopic survey tool works regardless of geological formations or the presence of magnetic disturbances in the form of nearby boreholes. 

There are times when such production boreholes collapse. SPT gyroscopic survey tool have risen to the occasion and helped resolve potentially dangerous situations like these. Such operations with Gyroscopic survey tool have proved resoundingly successful in more than forty countries including the USA .Canada, Australia, Russia and many other African and South American countries.

SPT borehole survey instruments have proved themselves in saving lives in cases where miners have been trapped far underground. Time, precision and reliability are of the essence in such instances where one must reach the precise location at the first try and again, SPT North Seeking Gyros speedily reach the target, bringing relief and life to people hopelessly trapped in dangerous conditions. Miners in Chile were rescued after more than two months underground thanks to the precision of SPT gyroscopic survey tools.

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