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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Get Accurate And Valuable Information Regarding Borehole Survey By Using SPT’s Borehole Survey Instrument.

 Calibrate and test downhole tools with this highly accurate calibration stand
Stockholm Precision Tool is a well-known, leading manufacturer of Borehole Survey Instrument ideal for tough conditions as well as demanding requirements of onshore/offshore gas and oil industry. Miners, tunnellers, geologists, drilling engineers, and geophysists around the world always rely on SPT’s accurate and reliable borehole navigation and measurement tools to get valuable information about each borehole and thereby cutting the cost of investigation and exploration.  

GyroLogic is a great Borehole Survey Instrument with drop capability which supplies Azimuth , toolface and inclination readings. It is a high performance fiber optic gyro inclinometer which is specifically designed for boreholes in the mining industry. This tool has +850 C temperature rating and OD (1, 25”) 32 mm. 

GyroLogic is the best SPT Borehole Survey Instrument which is wrapped with lot of high-end features and benefits. Easy to operate, drop capability, high durability, capability of withstanding harsh environments, continuous surveying capabilities, measurement can be done in all directions and Bluetooth communication data system are some excellent features and benefits provided by this tool. Besides this, you can easily operate this tool in memory mode from its battery. Not only this, with the help of GyroLogic you can easily export all survey data to either excel or other formats.

Thus, it can be said that GyroLogic is one of the best Borehole Survey Instrument for boreholes of mining industries. 
Wireline and memory mode directional survey tool

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