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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Borehole Survey Tools: Important Tools For Conducting Surveys

 Gyrotracer Directional wireline gyro survey tool
For collecting survey data, borehole survey tools are used in mining, oil and gas industries. Borehole tools are cost effective, reliable, durable as well as capable of working in tough environments. SPT’s continuous north seeking gyro can survey at speeds of up to 150 m/min while sending real time data to the surface interface. At any inclination (horizontal incline or vertical) and at any direction, this survey tool can measure with high accuracy and precision. It is unaffected by magnetic interference and is enriched with rechargeable batteries. No surface alignment or calibration is needed prior to conducting surveys while using SPT’s instruments. 

 Gyro borehole survey tools have single or multi shot survey capability. With both survey modes, azimuth as well as dip can be measured and at any depth, in any direction during run in/out or both.  Measurement can be made in any environment. 

 For the testing, calibrating and QC of SPT’s borehole survey tools for inclination, azimuth angle and toolface, SPT offers its own calibration stand. It helps in saving downtime and expensive freight costs. The stand is light weight, small and easily transportable. The procedures for calibration developed by SPT are easy and very simple.

Borehole Survey tools are a must for drillers, geologist, engineers etc for conducting geophysical surveys and for extracting reliable information from borehole and reducing costs incurred in investigation or exploration.
Calibrate and test downhole tools with this highly accurate calibration stand

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