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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

ROIs Dictate Use of Precision Instruments in Mining Drilling

Tests and Surveys pinpoint mineral finds and it remains for drilling companies to come up with productive wells at the first try. Given that costs are spiraling and competition is intense, a mining well drilling company simply cannot afford errors or failures. In some cases mining drilling companies rely on micro-electro-mechanical devices that reference magnetic North. These are prone to magnetic interference and drift over time besides being complicated to set up each time a survey has to be carried out. A far better, technologically superior and vastly more accurate true North seeking Gyro instrument is usurping the once preferred magnetic instrument. These days when ROIs and bottom lines dictate business decisions and practices, drilling and survey companies can hardly afford to ignore improvements that guarantee success. The true North seeking Gyro is becoming the instrument of choice for its consistently reliable and accurate performance in a variety of field conditions, various depths and geological formations. 

Leading the cutting edge North seeking gyro instrument technologies is a Swedish based company offering complete borehole survey technologies along with training packages and full-fledged support. The reasons why the true North seeking gyro instrument is gaining in popularity are not difficult to see. There is no drift over time, it surveys deep holes with absolute precision and accuracy regardless of conditions and does not need a starting point since the true North acts as a reference. It is highly sensitive compared to older, less sensitive, magnetic based tools and it can be used at any depth, even inside metal casings without repeated calibrations, azimuth readings or roll tests. This translates to success at the first attempt which, in turn, means a healthy bottom line. When you have a newer, better instrument, the product of intense research and development, assuring full backup support and total success would you want to look elsewhere or go in for a cheaper, unreliable instrumentation system?

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