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Friday, 5 July 2013

The GyroTracer HT is a hot deal

Where you have to carry out borehole surveys in high temperatures of up to 150 degrees C (302 ºF), the usual suite of geological survey tools stand by helpless. The GyroTracer HT is a hot  precision gyro survey tool designed for high working temperatures in the mining industry. 

Trust SPT to think of its customers, even the occasional one. The GyroTracer HT is the perfect memory survey instrument delivering azimuth, inclination and toolface readings, regardless of operating temperatures. All you have to do is sync it to your computer with the user friendly software provided and then proceed with of the survey of the hole. Data stored in the GyroTracer HT can then be downloaded to a computer for further process and analysis. 

With the GyroTracer HT surveyors can carry out a precision gyro survey for azimuth and dip at any depth. Surveyors can just as easily use it for multi-shot surveys at different depths while running the tool in or running it out at any time. 

Well thought out, the GyroTracer HT works in wireline mode, has excellent build quality and is constructed to eliminate the need for pressure barrel or heat shield for temperatures up to 150 deg. C. (302 ºF). The amazing precision and accuracy of this precision gyro survey tool is reflected in azimuth readings with typical accuracy of 1 degree, inclination accuracy within 0.1 degrees, gravity toolface tolerance within 0.1 degrees and gyroscopic toolface within ± 1 degree. When the going gets hot the GyroTracer HT gets going as the perfect precision gyro survey tool.

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