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Friday, 6 September 2013

SPT’s Advanced True North Seeking Gyros are Environmentally Safe Too

Collateral damage is a risk that may occur during drilling. Imprecise and inaccurate drilling straying from the intended path can puncture either nearby well casings or geological formations causing environmental damage. SPT’s latest north seeking gyro tool is the product of advanced innovation and research that overcome these risks.

The true North seeking Gyro Tracer Directional is designed to operate continuously using gyro compassing methods for precise and accurate downhole directional surveys. It is fast at 150 metres per minute, works in horizontal, vertical and mixed modes, does not need recalibration and is reliable, delivering repeatable results regardless of environmental factors and magnetic influences. The north seeking gyro saves time and labour required to achieve results in a targeted time besides proving a boon to the environment. This downhole instrument works in all well profiles in a variety of challenging conditions without causing any collateral damage. Incorporating telemetry and gyro modules in a single unit, it works off a battery and is easy to set up and operate, delivering precise data acquisition. SPT’s true north seeking gyros are durable, built to withstand extreme conditions in widely varying climatic and geologic conditions. SPT have distilled years of research and experience into this tool to make it the leading and preferred tool, while keeping prices extremely affordable.

SPT’s innovation and research drive borehole technologies, making traditional survey tool systems obsolete. If the company is the preferred choice of geologists, oil drilling companies and mining companies, it is simply because its technology is significantly ahead of the competition, assuring perfection in demanding situations with predictable results.
What geological survey companies need today and tomorrow is available in the form of sophisticated instruments from SPT, a company at the forefront of borehole drilling and survey instrument development.

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