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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Gyros Deliver Accuracy, Predictability and Speed in Borehole Drilling

Accuracy, predictability, speed and repeatability have gained in importance in down hole drilling operations. As matters stand, oilfields are congested. Exploration companies plan to drill new wells in close proximity to production wells. This gives rise to challenges such as magnetic interferences during initial drilling stages. The proximity of existing wells and possibilities of collision rules out the use of standard magnetic based instruments in the survey. The trend is to use gyro while drilling, relying on tracking azimuth in relation to true North in such cases to assure extreme precision in working around existing wells. At drilling depths of up to 6000 meters (value in feet) a deviation of 0.5 degree would define success and failure. Down hole management and use of next generation gyro directional instruments are closely tied to profitability and reputations.

In a scenario utilizing SPT gyro tools the down hole surveyors place the instrument into the UBHO for orientation jobs. Such advanced tools are placed into the wells supplying real time data in a continuous stream, thus eliminating the delays inherent in earlier processes. This translates to zero error regardless of drilling depth, faster achievement of targets, savings in costs, labor and time as a direct outcome of using gyro while drilling
SPT down hole

survey tools provide the data that facilitates the tracking, control and confirmation of the planned well profile. With the current competitive environment, high costs and pressure to succeed at the first attempt, there is no room for errors. SPT downhole survey instruments are not an option for success, they are indispensable for accurate, reliable, cost effective down hole operations consequent to the use of gyro while drilling.

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